DATT(Digital Assets Trust Token) is a decentralized digital asset trusted service network with "sustainable value growth" as the core strategy and provides Internet application innovation and IP protection core functions. DATT is committed to building a unified value interconnection, value circulation and value growth infrastructure between Internet applications. DATT will empower the traditional Internet and strive to create a safe, efficient and easy-to-use "value ecology" blockchain public operating platform.


Cross chain flexibly

It links the digital asset islands for the mainstream blockchains, conveniently manages the different blockchian assets, and forms an ecological network of information and value intercommunication.

Onto blockchain quickly

Rapid response to market demand and convenient assembly with the characteristics of solid underlying design,granulation of demand and functional modularization.

Confirmation in seconds

End network congestion, create a new lightning network, rapid response,confirmation in seconds.

DeFi infrastructure

Diversified ecological facilities, multi asset value exchange, providing high-speed and fast track for DeFi.

  • Value Interconnection

    A unified value foundation, breaks the value island, and realizes value interconnection and circulation.

  • Internet Upgrading

    Update the business pattern, establish an new economic model, reshape the relationship between enterprises and users, and upgrading the Internet.

  • Ecological Sharing

    Realizing Community activity and resource sharing,incentive strategy between the community and the platform ecology through the value exchange.

  • Financial Empowerment

    To connect applications, users and developers with DeFi,  provide growth income opportunities of application ecology and value ecology.

  • Value Growth

    The value of DATT will grow continuously with the construction and development of application ecology and value ecology.

  • Asset Protection

    DATT can provide reliable protection infrastructure for digital assets  in the form of data on the Internet.

  • LAO Ecology

    With the help of the ecological development of Lao, DATT will continue to inject new strength into DATT, so that DATT will enter a positive cycle of development.

  • Value Exchange

    DATT connects the value Island, accesses more mainstream data assets, and realizes asset exchange through heterogeneous cross chain technology.


User points

E-commerce Finance

Commodity trace

Life services

communications and transportation

Tourism and food


Value Interconnection

  • Each application of the Internet, as well as each block chain, is an independent closed-loop design. This makes the value islands can not be connected in series. DATT aims to break the value Island, realize the interconnection between Internet application systems and the mutual exchange of application points, and realize the connection of public chains and asset transfer. Let token be the unified value scale of interconnection, so as to realize the series interaction of the same user in different ecology.

Credit points

  • In traditional user points system, there are too many restrictions on user points trading, which has become the "chicken rib product" of merchants and customers. DATT establishes the whole network identity authentication service and realize cross platform transaction. DATT releases the advantages of the user points transaction, improves the customer acquisition channel, and continuously improves the user experience of the platform through the user points, so as to form the industrial alliance and the integral consumption ecosystem.

DATT foundation is a non-profit organization. The foundation will build a value network between Internet applications, and strive to build a public operation platform for Internet application innovation and IP protection blockchain with the sustainable construction and development of DATT ecology through Lao ecology

DATT Foundation
DATT Founder

NULS is an open-source, enterprise-grade, adaptive blockchain platform that offers fast-track business solutions for developers. Featuring microservices, smart contracts, cross-chain interoperability, and instant chain-building, NULS sets a new industry standard in streamlining blockchain adoption.

DATT is running on NULS blockchain technology framework

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